Wyoming is where the untamed spirit of the West and majestic natural beauty open your mind and invigorate your senses to release your own inner freedom and sense of adventure.

-At least that is what it says on the State of Wyoming Official Website

Ah Yes, Wyoming. The “Equality State.” Even the motto – “Equal Rights” – suggests a land of rugged individualism where anyone can be themselves, think for themselves, and secure their own future.

Except, if you are seeking election to Congress by challenging the only visible Republican to fail to fall into line with Donald “Lets Have an Insurrection” Trump, then individualism is not acceptable.

No one here high atop The NewRamparts would consider this writer a fan of Liz Cheney’s politics. And, the father seemed to hold some sort of satanic sway over POTUS 43 that was downright scary.

But Liz Cheney saw Donnie for what he was and is, someone that is without any principles that compare to those that Wyoming seems to hold dear. Things like, honor….or country….or service….or free speech.

So along comes Harriet Hageman. She too agrees with Wyoming principles. Right up until Donnie endorsed Hageman over that wild eyed free thinking Liz Cheney.

To quote the reporters at the Casper Star Tribune, Hageman said this about Liz Cheney:

“Liz Cheney doesn’t know what ‘riding for the brand’ means. We sent her to D.C. to be loyal to the outfit that hired her, to be loyal to Wyoming and our values,” a Hageman advertisement states. “Instead of fighting for us, she’s fighting against President Trump. She betrayed us.”

The author of that article stated that “Hageman has centered her campaign around being anti-Cheney and pro-Wyoming, repeatedly arguing that Cheney is not adequately fighting for the Equality State because she’s too focused on fighting back against Trump.”

Tough talk from Hageman, who as recently as 2016 said:I know that Liz Cheney is a proven, courageous, constitutional conservative, someone who has the education, the background and experience to fight effectively for Wyoming on a national stage….There have been and will continue to be concerted efforts to force true conservatives to sit down and shut up. Those efforts have never worked on me and I know that they will not work on and have no effect on Liz Cheney.”

The problem for Hageman is that Liz Cheney most certainly did NOT sit down and shut up when Donnie suggested she do so.

So now “Pro-Wyoming” means doing what someone else (Donnie) tells you to do.

Thatta Way Wyoming. Stand Tall. Make Yourself Proud. Abandon those real rugged western values and fall in line with the Big Lie.

Only don’t.

You already have a Congressional Representative that reflects your values and is not afraid to stand up to bullies and fakes.

Elect the Donnie cult member and Wyoming will quit being Wyoming. How sad.