Wisconsin has been blessed with progressive politicians from both parties. And the halls of the State Capitol once saw the likes of folks dedicated to the common good. While the politics may have been different, the commitment to excellence and the people – the actual people – of Wisconsin was always there.

No one can doubt the sincerity of Gaylord Nelson and Lee Dreyfus, or John Shabaz and Tony Earl, or Tommy Thompson and Tom Loftus, or Walter J. Hollander and Dennis Conta. The fought on principle and resolved issues with dignity.

Today we have folks more obsessed with remaining in power than using the power for the average citizen. No matter that they say, you can be assured that the plight of the average Wisconsinite is not on their minds.

The writers at Up North News once again have come through, this time Christina Lieffring documents the insanity around the Robin Vos/Michael Gableman “review” of the 2020 election in Gableman’s Election Probe Started Out Badly. It’s Gotten Even Worse.   It is a great read.

Please, someone in the Republican Party stand up and Take Away the Clowns.

But no one will.  The days when the Legislature contained men and women of integrity are, sadly, gone.

-Port Publicus