It seems that Washington DC is not the only place seditionists were active in 2020 and 2021. In case you misplaced your Funk & Wagnalls, here is the definition of sedition:

incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority

Wisconsin has a number of seditionists hiding in plain view. These are folks that attempted, through fraud, to negate the rightful seating of Wisconsin delegates to the Electoral College following the 2020 elections. Amazingly, they have all been named in a formal complaint to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, but have received little attention.

Make no mistake, these folks are half an inch short of traitors. They all signed fraudulent paperwork to claim to be “Electors” when they most certainly were not. Fortunately Patrick Marley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published their names here.

But here they are, Wisconsin’s very own seditionists:

  • Bob Spindell – Republican appointee to the Wisconsin Elections Commission
  • Andrew Hitt – Onetime chairman of the state Republican Party
  • Kelly Ruh- Chairwoman of the 8th Congressional District GOP
  • Carol Brunner -Vice chairwoman of the 1st Congressional District GOP
  • Kathy Kiernan- Chairwoman of the 5th Congressional District GOP
  • Darryl Carlson -Chairman of the 6th Congressional District GOP
  • Pam Travis -Vice chairwoman of the 1st Congressional District GOP
  • Mary Buestrin -Vice chairwoman for the Midwest region for the Republican National Convention
  • Scott Grabins -Chairman of the Dane County Republican Party
  • Bill Feehan -Chairman of the La Crosse County Republican Party

Can you just image the outrage, the shouting and screaming and the lawsuits that would have overtaken the airwaves had a bunch of democrats done this in 2016? The GOP is simply off the rails and this proves it. How embarrassing for Wisconsin, a once proud progressive state.

Bob La Follette is spinning in his grave.