So, Rebecca Kleefisch wants to be Governor. From atop the Ramparts we see Governor Evers as a bit dull, but a decent fellow. The former Lt. Governor is perpetuating the Trump-inspired GOP big lies. Her big announcement, as reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, highlighted her less than stellar depth.She actually said that “Donald Trump became one of the most successful policy presidents of our time.

That alone should convince anyone with old fashioned Wisconsin common sense from voting for her. Oh, and can you say FoxConn?

Speaking of failures, Urban Milwaukee has a great story on the wannabe Guv, who was once called “fluff” by a Scott Walker aide ( who obviously sees fluff when it presents itself.)

Quoting Urban Milwaukee’s Bruce Murphy:

So what is the truth here? There are two ways to views Kleefisch’s eight years as Lt. Governor. The first is to take it at her word, that she was Walker’s jobs ambassador, in which case his failed promise to create 250,000 new jobs by the end of his first term falls equally on her.

And to take her at her word that she was a key player in Walker’s nationally discussed Foxconn deal, helping convince the company to expand to Wisconsin. In which case she shares the blame for offering what ballooned into a massive $4.1 billion giveaway of taxpayer dollars, the largest government subsidy ever offered in the U.S. to a foreign company.

Nothing like a good journalist and commentator to put things into perspective. Nice work Mr. Murphy.

-Port Publicus