Closing Charleston Loopholes. Enhanced  Background Checks- the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021. Mental Health Funding. Assault Rifle Regulation. Some more mental health funding. And an Assembly Speaker in Wisconsin that says arm teachers.

Time to start over….from scratch.

Instead of enacting exemptions to an open-ended Second Amendment, enacted in the days of muzzle loaders and a fear of an imperialist occupier (valid since there were British occupiers), here is another way to frame the discussion.

Start from a premise that the following are illegal in the United States with respect to any firearm and any ammunition:

  • their design and development – illegal
  • their production and distribution – illegal
  • their sale and possession – illegal
  • their use – illegal

Then spend some time carving out exemptions for the United State military or, if really necessary, for some deer hunter in northern Wisconsin as long as he or she can pass a background check, pay an annual gun license of say, $500 or $1000 (they gladly pay the Packers for a seat license), have a hunting license, (which cost $1000 for ducks, $750 for deer), mandatory gun locks, complete a firearms training course, and nothing sold to anyone over 25 that does not have this stuff.

Oh, and sell them 5 bullets a year, at $200 each.

We will see who are the real sportsmen and women.

Crazy right? Totally bat-shit off the wall crazy?

Yeah, so is what we are doing now. An arcane “right” from the days of the frontier, and cowardly legislators, means we now have laws and a culture allowing the killing of children.

As the one smart US Senator said, “what are we doing?”