There was a time, way back in 2016, when there might be a reasonable explanation for why someone would embrace the emerging politics that now consumes the Republican Party.  Some people were left behind. Others were ignored and disengaged from the politics that made sense to their mothers and fathers.

But now, as far too many embrace the wild eyed claims of election fraud, conspiracy theories and that science is somehow evil, then a Rampart needs to be built to defend us all from the madness. And the understanding and perhaps even sympathy for the 2016 mindset needs to be discarded. That New Rampart is built with Fact. Not alternative facts. Science. Not untested, non-peer reviewed science. Common Sense. Not alternative reality, which is, of course, not reality at all.

Look around. Submit a comment or a post. It’s opinion and commentary. A Rampart is a barrier. It is also a way to protect what is held dear.

Port Publicus